I feel weird but what is sin and cos?




What is sin and cos? I have no idea!!!!!!

Can someone explain Sin and Cos on hopscotch to me?

There's a tutorial for it. It's like how to make something orbit around a certain place.


It's trig, short for trigonometry. It's advanced math that you'll get to in 7-10th grade, depending on your math level.

If you don't know it, that's fine! I don't know it, but tons of people are here to help me when I need something that involve that stuff :slight_smile:

If you do really want to know what sin and cos is in detail, search it up and see if there are some basic tutorials :wink:


Here's is a website and some photos for trig, which has sin (sine) and cos (cosine)



Well you see cos and sin are... Math


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Obviously. But it's something called advanced math.

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I like the meme! Well, I like sine and cosine, but hate math. Doesn't make sense much, but learning math isn't coding, I like coding and experimenting.


Once I tried sin and cos

I made a line :D

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Or, as an easy way of remembering it Soh-Cah-Toa (I learnt that in Mental Abuse to Humans, thank you so mcuh @XiaoMiaoMi! ) It is quite good, if you can figure out what letters are in what phrase!


For your info I am in advanced math and I am actually gifted but you probably are in regular math at your school.


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Not really :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm in gifted too

but I'm only in 5th grade tho


I am in fifth grade too!!!!!!!


Good question! There have been so many questions surrounding this subject. Although I'm not a professional at math, I can tell you that this will come up in school in higher grades, late middle school or high school, depending on how you do in math.

@Valgo, our very own sine and cosine master, made an amazing tutorial. It is very confusing and the first sine and cosine projects on hopscotch were made about a year ago! There's also a Khan Academy lesson that explains it, but it is confusing. I would recommend baby steps, like playing around with it or making a sine wave. Just have fun with it and try to come up with random things! I was playing around and made a diagonal line that is super fast, and more!


DWhy not ask me? It is obviously something you dont know. Lol jk XD it is related to math and trigeometry or however it is spelled. Hopscotchers use it to make things orbit and sometimes draw things!


Ok... Thanks for sharing? :wink: Was that supposed to be brag?