I feel so silly!


I need help https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y5twwue6g this is not working because my start doesn't work but I'm to tired to work it out and I'm sure that it is a simple problem so pls help, once done pls remix the fixed version and copy the link from the little arrow in the box then unpublish it. I will give credit though. I am a coder and I can't find a simple fault! I feel silly...Thx

Can anyone pls help... Someone :cold_sweat:. :heart_eyes:

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Ahhh it is impossible to find out!


I tried deleting a few "Repeat forever" blocks.
This made more faces appear. I don't know what else to do.


Um why did u like my' like if u follow me' project. when u don't follow me, can u I like it pls... (Wait if that isn't u sorry for offending u)


Hi @DA-BEASTY don't ever feel silly! We are all always learning new things so don't worry :slight_smile:

So I see in your code you've got this for when Start is tapped:

At the moment the value Starter isn't bigger than 12 so that's why Start isn't disappearing yet. Did you make the value Starter bigger than 12 somewhere else in your code? I can't seem to find it :thinking:


Oh whoops thanks for that I will try.


I don't reply to ppl in such a weird way that you just did to me.
If you like I'll avoid all posts by you.


No it didn't work, idk what happened ps thanks for the likes



I may have written the wrong thing check the edited version


Hmm I tried changing 12 to 0 and the Start disappeared after tapping as we expected from the code, is that what you were looking for?


Unfortunately it's too late.
I just followed and unfollowed you.


Yep thanks, i am really confused though
P.s you r AWESOME!!!


Oh whoops I am soooooooo sorry :frowning:
On my account it said that u didn't follow me 'EVER'


Okay that's good, glad it helped. Did it work how you expected it to?

I changed the Check to 0 because you set Starter to 1 and since 1 > 0, the check if will be true and it will run the Invisibility code inside.


Ohhhh THanks I will put in credits!


No problem, glad that helped and thank you!


Check it out so far if u think it needs improvement pls tell me https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y5tz407v7