I feel so proud!


My first project ever to get on featured (it's called play the trumpet) and hopscotch liked my GROCERY STORE :corn: project! What was your first project to get on featured or trending?


i MIGHT of been on featured or trending before but today i scrolled down ages on trending and found one of my projects :grinning:


I've had 3 projects on trending and 1 on featured. My first project on trending was SO simple! I was surprised it got on trending! It was called Cute Bunny and it got 77 likes!


Good job!
I'm not trying to brag but I've gotten on trending 74 times, and 3 times on featured.


Wow, SQUISHY your bunny looks totally adorable and cute.


My first project on Trending was my Iron Man pixel art (with about 75 likes and one remix) and my first project on Featured was my Angry Birds Pig (with right now about 390 likes and about 13 remixes). And I agree, @SQUISHY, your bunny is so adorable!!


I like that bunny a lot. Been staring at it for 10 minutes.


My first project on featured was a game called Card dash,my first project on trending was some kind art :wink:


Same here,@DuckmanTerry


Umm, I've been featured over 15 times, and my first feature was called Ocean Life (I think... It was also on Hopscotches YouTube account!)

Around 1 in every 7 projects get on trending now (top five rows) and I can't remember my first trending.

Don't feel bad, I'm one of the older Hopscotchers, I've been on since 2013 (before they stated when you started on your profile)


I got my first featured today and im tataly freaking out:joy::joy::joy::smiley::smiley::smiley:


My first project was my Mickey Mouse pixel art. I have had 3 total. Next was Elsa and Anna pixel art and the third was a remix of -Madi-'s 10 shades of green project in pink!


Nice topic! :DDDDDDDDD