I feel like this whole "LEAVING" things is becoming a domino reaction!?


Ok hi guys...so I have been seeing an awfully a lot of "leaving" goodbye" Bai guys" lately and then I went into one of those topics and I saw a poll that said if she or he leaves I'm leavi.ng...I think this becoming a chain reaction
Example with fake users:
2 leaders: Bai guys
Bob: what....they left that it I'm leav.aving too
Billy: huh..that's it I'm done here bob leaving I'm leavi.ingtoo
Joe: k..if u leave bil
Y I'm leavi.ing

sEE what I mean it will just keep on going and going like.....???
I understand there are some people who actually feel like they want to leave but it's just all happening at once that is making me feel like this is a chain reaction..want to know what you guys think about this...!


Yah. Someone actually had this same idea and made a topic a topic about it :joy:


Really I searched it and nothing came up....??


Oh my gosh.
This is so weird that it's causing this.
It's pretty irritating.


Hang on ill look for the link...
Ok here


Hahahahahah I guess I did or maybe we were just thinking the same things cause it's pretty obvi that all of this is happening..
Yep I know it is kinda weird


Hopefully, nobody else will say "Oh, I'm leavi.ng."
Oh my gosh, that's blocked now?
They're all blocked!
Sorry I got off topic.


Hahah it's ok..that's true though..... But there are stil ways to use those words...:rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any other persons opinions??.?



By @billy hasn't left yet


Hahahahahah Om non Susie....XD..
Actually I don't see why the man should be happy also happy bday I think I missed it lol


XD i didn't mean like those ppl who r real I just chose random names XD


@happy12345678910 ( why did I tag myself??)


What do I have to do with this.


I'm just inviting a bunch of ppl......( am I bothering u again....like talking to u at he wrong time??)


I got an invitation....



Its saturday night and I was confused about why you invited me here.

I'm not leaving anytime soon.


Yes yes u did...read about the topik...at the very top it's may be interesting to u!


K K!!:grinning::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: