I feel like quitting hs and hf


Oi, alot on hs has been getting on my nerves. And the hf. I think its time I put my life first, not hs or hf first. I just figured out that the person I have a crush on, wants to date me. :smiley: idk, should I put my relationship with him first? Or should I put hs first?


Idk how old are you?



we're twins


Im 13 on october 24 :smiley: yay


What do u mean by we are twins?


K I think totally life before hs but isn't 13 kinds young for a relationship? can't you guys just be good friends?


You should put social life before hopscotch. Although hopscotch is awesome and cool.

P.S. If you want to be in a relationship then be in a relationship. In my old school the third graders had relationships. - . -


Well it is your choice but really..

Of your just 13 (This is what I think) if you have a crush on her or she has it too. Wait a bit, until you want to confess which is later.


Its a guy, a nice guy. He wants to dates me .