I feel like I've been really inactive... Sorry?


I feel like I am slowly drifting away from Hopscotch. I have been finding new interests like Harry Potter and I wasn't to be drawing more on paper, too.
Anyways, I feel like I don't have enough time for Hopscotch. I'm sorry but not sorry...


The end doesn't make sense to me


It's ok, people get busy. We understand :slight_smile:


It's okay, I feel the same wAy.


Why are you sorry and not at the same time
And your sorta not active


Well, Harry Potter is addicting.


You speak the truth :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


I feel like nothing is really worthy of my remix or there is nothing to draw. I mean... I'd rather be reading then going on Hopscotch. I feel like I'm disappointing a ton of people because of my no active-ness. But... idk what to remix or do on Hopscotch. I just feel like there is too much drama and I wish I could press a button to bring it back to the state it was when I first started.


Well, I hope that you will stay and I also hope that you will start liking HS more if you don´t like it right now...


pretty sure the last time I posted something was back in March or something


I think that I will start being more active on Hopscotch once I finish Harry Potter. I'm only on the second book so it may take awhile. I do Hopscotch on a school iPad too so I may not be on until next September


Well, if you are a reader and really like Harry Potter, it should not take you long to finish the series. It took me only a little over a month to finish the first 7. Also, on HS, instead of remixing, you can code.


I know you can code​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It's just that I can spend time that I would be coding things with Harry!