I feel like I'm a bad drawer



This is my friend that I drew on hop!! Is it good?


It's fine please stop making topics every ten seconds


Cool drawing!

Next time though, please post all drawings in the Drawing topic. Thanks


Hi! I see you're new to the forum. Firstly, please don't make a bunch of topics so quickly. Some of these could go in another topic, like this would be best put in the drawing topic.


The Hopscotch team has to verify the use of before they can post so most likely they are verifying all new users at the moment

@treefrogstudios & @Currency5097193


Its Good, but post it in The drawing topic, Thx!


Oh yeah, my next door neighbor and friend just became able to post... makes sense.




Oh my goodness, she did!


Is your profile picture your face? That's not allowed unless the Hopscotch Team says so..


BTW she isn't on right now.


I know...


It's great!! Please change your profile picture, your face can't be shown here. D:


She hasn't been on since 7 hours ago, so I am not sure when she'll see this.


Eh, new users usually don't go on here until a week later, so... i don't know.


Sorry I don't have wifi at home! I didn't know that I couldn't have my face of the forum. I changed it tho.


I like it! Its really good!


Wwwwwwwaaaasssssuuuuuuuupppppppp girl?


What's ur hop name? Is it the same??


This is fantastic you can be the next Mark Rothko’s :joy: