I feel like I Am a Bad Hopscotcher


its true, I always screw up


Don't worry, me too, but I'm not leaving.


No one is bad
Just remember
If your day is bad
Just be glad your not me


You're awesome. I don't really know what to say. If you didn't mean to hurt anyone, you're good.


Hito, don't leeeeeeaaaavvve! Please stay. I don't think you ever meant to hurt anyone!


You aren't a bad forumer. You just need to be careful about what you say ;)


Eh. It's fine. I got a flag once in August.


Almost everybody gets flagged once or twice. Just be cautious when sharing your opinion. You are a great former.


I don't fit in either.
I've gotten flagged three times JUST because I was off topic.
I feel ya


Pls stayyyyyyyyyy
Me and u r similar
Pls stay


Okie, didn't wanna cause a scene or anything like dat.


Thank u
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thankyou


Are u in school now?


Welcome! (Thanks you)
U are an awesome cat


Mmehhhhmm, I am in science. We have a sub.


Thank you, dude!

You're a cool Hito

(Lol, that makes no sense, but you are awesome.)


I have a sub too.

He's really mean

R.I.P me


You aren't a bad forumer! and even though I am secretly a grammar police, it doesn't matter because I am pretty sure nobody likes grammar police. So I will keep to myself. I don't hate you though, you are a very nice person and an amazing artist!


I am so bad


Just try seeing someone else's code. Then change it a bit so it don't look like you copied them. Idk.