I feel invisible



Hey guys! Just an anonymous person Walking down to the forum here. Look. I am TOTALLY NOT begging for likes, or follows, but I feel alone. Did I do something bad? Say something? Please tell me what I did wrong. Thank you.


@PinkFluffy_Unicorns No, I am very very sure you did nothing wrong! You are a kind person here and in Hopscotch! I think you might just be feeling lonely for some reason, which I feel at some times, so no one's ignoring you on purpose.


Nope. That's not it. I guess browsing through topics we just didn't see you. Clearly you did nothing bad, you're awesome.


You didn't do anything bad! You just have to put yourself out there! Get involved in conversations, make yourself noticed! That's how I felt to for a long time, but then I put myself out there, and now look! I have great friends! Remember, very one is willing to be friends with you if you ask!


You didn't do anything at all! You are a very friendly person, and you just have to put yourself out there a little more.


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I feel invisible on every social thing I have...


Thanks everyone! I feel better now. @Malie, thank you so much!


Your welcome! Glad I could help :D