I emailed team hopscotch and will you reply


Okay, Liza, so, my mom emailed you guys to ask to push my projects out of the filter, and I'm wondering if you got the message?
It looks like this:
Hi, Liza. My daughter's projects (Friendship Studios) aren't showing up. Can you please push them through the filter? Thanks so much!
That's it. @Liza thanks for sending us the top 10 projects.


Btw @liza , thanks for using my project in the email :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@ian @alish @liza @Rodrigo


Why am I tagged here?


I know you are in the hopscotch team, and I'm thanking you guys for using my project!


Thanks for making something that so many people enjoy using!


Thanks :blush: that really means a lot!


You welcome, then :slightly_smiling:


Plus, Did You Get My Email I Sent Myself, @Liza?