I earned the member badge!


I earned the member badge wahoo!
Like and comment if you have this badge


Nice job @Paige1212!:tada: I'm a regular so I already have that badge!:grinning: Next step for you, Regular!:grinning:


So it's new,basic,member,regular,leader!


Yeah, that's the trust level order!


Whoo! Congratulations!!



Ok AlohaHawaiiStudios!


Then mod after leader!
Then admin, but I dint think the team is going to make anyone admins, as i think you can delete the forum, etc :0

I'm a Regular so I got the member badge a while ago :D

Congrats! :DDD


What do you mean "delete" the forum @smishsmash?


Like, legit deleting ten forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Where the forum doesn't exist anymore.
They might be able to do that! I'm not sure :D

Only THT members are admins!


In case anyone is wondering, you get Member after 12 hours of read time.


Yaaas! Congrats on Member! :slight_smile: