I dunno how to explain this



question deleted :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmmm... Idk
Maybe have it so when you go to drag it it creates a clone which when you let go will stop moving forever?


@Follow4LikesOfficial you can't do unlimited, but for the triangle, I believe you can do this:
The play button is tapped
Repeat forever
Create a clone


Thanks, I figured it out. It would be so much easier if there was a
"when ___ is released"


Sorry, but clones won't work because if you have a rule other than when character is cloned all of the clones will do it at the same time.


Yes and no. Yes, without inconvenient hacks. But no, not in all cases. It is an interesting topic in its own right.


Magmapop had a way of doing this


He also has limited supplies. If your talking about his new minecraft project, its because the sky is light blue colored blocks.

if youre talking about his old mario, he had limited verions.


@MagmaPOP, @CamMakesGames said you knew how to do it??


No I mean when the character is let go stop moving




the question was deleted


why world, why cruel world