?I don't understand?


Most of my project have tons of coding and take close to two weeks to make but I only get about 45 likes on them. But I just made a game in only one hour because I was bored and it got over 60 likes and 200 plays. So why did it get more likes than the one I spent 2 weeks on?


It depends on what people like! You sometimes have to figure out what the community enjoys! :smile:


I agree with gilbert


I agree! :smile:


I agree! 45 likes is about my average. I have had some highs but ya. Just try to think of and look around at what the community likes, then think of what you like and incorporate then!


Maybe because some of the other ones were glitchy? Try doing some run-throughs in the middle of making the project so you cans find glitches.


Ok thanks for the input :blush::blush::blush::blush: