I don't see the problem


So we all know communication outside the forum is banned. But, I have a question.

First I would like to list some stuff.

• Yes, THT has the right control what goes on in the forum.

• Technically they can't say we can't communicate outside the forum.

• So they can say what happens inside the forum but they can't say what happens outside because outside the forum they don't have a say what happens because, they can't control us outside the forum.




My brain hurts

Too much thinking!


Well, if you shared an account on the forum, then I'm pretty sure they'd still be liable for anything that happens.




Can someone get da OMTL cause I'll end up deleting all of them on accident.


Lol that's true




I'm pretty sure you agree to not communicate with one an other outside the forum when you sign the terms of service (which nobody reads cuz BLEH!) but ya, I see what your saying.


That is correct. 100% correct, but if THT find out that people have been communicating outside the forum, there will be consequences


This is a rule because the hopscotch team want to keep us safe (also a legal matter) on the internet as they are not able to moderate anything that happens on other apps.


Since there are kids under the age of 13 on the forum, they actually have to have that law since THT is in the U.S., and the U.S. has that law.


The thinking is logical and correct. I personally disagree with the rule, but it is what it is


Thats seriously wat I'm thinking everyday


No offense to THT but
Isn't it not their problem anymore if HAers talk outside the forum? I've been wondering this question for a long time.


It is their problem if it starts on their app/website.

US laws and that