I don't know what to make!



I don't know what to code! I am a intermediate coder and everything I think is already made! What should I do?


@PopTart0219 has an awesome and very helpful list of things to make


no ones made a proper tower defence game on Hopscotch.
Like bloons td battle.
you could try making a similar game to that


What is the project named? And is it on hopscotch or on the forum?


I love bloon td! I could try something like that.


They have a list on the forum


I found it! Thanks so much.


You're welcome! Tell me if you need any more help :wink:


This is great your could make


A movie

Angry birds

Cooking game!

House designer

Flappy chicken

Rocket game



Thanks but I already figured out what I am going to make! But thanks.


Oh that's good! No problem!