I don't know what I'm doing

Hi I have no idea what to do I’m in a collab on hopscth and we made a fourm account but I have never used the forum before so I don’t know what to do


Ok um I’m AHappyCoder, mostly known as Happy

You can tag me as @AHappyCoder, just type that

There’s a selection of useful tools up the top of your reply box thingy

The rules are kinda like this

  • General topics or GTs are where people chat to other people about whatever

  • People generally don’t like it if you don’t try to find topics about your question before posting, this is a matter of some debate.

There’s a lot of in depth stuff that I’m sure you will figure out

There are some different categories for stuff
Like “collabs” and “debug my code”

Trust levels are a gained by reaching certain profile stats
Regulars like me have a few extra abilities, such as hiding bad posts with one flag, which brings me to a another point

  • flags are kind of a way of voting comments to be hidden if they are rude or generally bad,

In my opinion trust levels are like achievements, not overly useful but every wants to get them (Me included!)

Here is my general topic if you want to chat


Forget about the main post just go down top the bottom

I can’t think of anything else to say so happy foruming!


Welcome, nice to meet you!
Here are some topics to help you learn how to use the forum:


You can also type out- @discobot start new user


Welcome to the forum!
The forum is for getting help with your Hopscotch projects, collaboraring and talking to other Hopscotchers!

Here are some topics you should check out to get started with the forum:

You can also type @discobot start new user for a qick tutorial!

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Hello and welcome to the forum! I am William04GamerA on The Hopscotch Forum and on The Hopscotch App, and you can tag me if you ever need help. Just write @William04GamerA if you need any help and that will send me a notification so I can help you!
Also, this is really a really good thing to type in a post to get started!