I don't know.... Hi... I guess



I guess I can be on the forum for a couple minutes every now and then to say Hi.. I guess I miss the forum but i'm glad I left. Like, I miss my friends, but I'm glad to take all the drama of the forum away with me. So.. I guess whenever I come on I'll post on this topic. And when I leave, I'll say goodbye on this topic. PLEASE NOTE: I am not FULLY coming back. I'm just saying "hi" to friends, and I will answer questions, or anything you wanna ask me or tell me. If you want to say Your glad i left go for it. So... yea.. That's Basically it.


I'm glad to see you too @VanillaOwl. Though honestly i believe the forum is doing better with me gone, BTW Congrats to the new leaders!! :heart: Also, can people take me off the FMTL and the OMTL?


Thanks for the reassurance @VanillaOwl :slight_smile:


Welcome back. It's nice to see you. The new Leaders are @Gilbert189, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Mathgirl, and @Intellection74 (me :P)! And, thanks!


Hi @SnowGirl_Studios. It's been a while. Why'd you decide to come back for a bit?


I honestly don't even know...


Welcome back! :3

I've never really gotten to talk to you. How are you? c:

I'm AnM(Annoying Maltese). :3

Why'd you decide to come back? :3


Good thing you did :D
Welcome back :D


I don't why i came back, i was looking through my pics on my phone and i saw one of all the nices things people have said to me on the forum like @lotsapizza @rubywolf @CreativeCoder @SmileyPanda @dude73 @SmileyAlyssa and others and i guess i wanted to see how people where doing but i'm still debating if it was a good idea coming back,.


It's your choice! :00

Tag me if you need any help please <3

Although there's a .001% chance I can help you with code XD

Procrastination gets me evrytim


@SnowGirl_Studios?! You're Back?! Wow, What A Surprise '-'


What do you mean? Sorry, I can't think clearly right now..


It makes me feel happy knowing I was one of the people you know you can count on. :D That made my day!


Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.

I'm so glad you decided to visit! C:

I'm happy. And happy,

I'm the imposter of @AHappyCoder. And an ashparuguses Potatoe.


Welcome back!

Long time, no see ;-;


Welcome back!

While you were gone there was a discourse update, a Hopscotch update, new leaders, and a no-more Google docs rule.

I'm so happy you are back!


omg hi frend :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))




I miss you so much!

I had a dream about you!!!


Same :P @Huggingfluffybear


Welcome back every now and then!

Maybe I was the first to know you were back on Hopscotch because you liked our project, I don't know.