I don't know exactly what to call this topic, but it's about an account I made!


Yes I created this pretty late in the evening. XD

So, I made an account called: Potato Studios :grinning:

And no the password is not potato if that's what you were thinking.

I want four other people on this account. All you have to do is tell me that you want to be a member of the account! But I probably won't respond if you ask and it's in the middle of the night my time. XD

I wanted to create this account to create amazing projects for people. This is what I want for the account:
- awesome collabs made by all five of us.
- awesome collaborations by a few of the members (like two)
- shout outs
- not too many remixes. Okay, almost no remixes
- potatoes!

I want this account to be...


And yes, I know I am in two group accounts already, but one hasn't done anything yet and one is really confusing me. I haven't got to do anything on that one.

I will get back to you guys tomorrow! No more iPad for me tonight. ;-;


tag list




Potato Stutios sounds yummy!


I'll join!
20 characters


It is not letting me edit the post above!



Do you need the password now, or could a few minutes work?


I guess I will take the password now.


Sorry! I had to take a bath!

That mat or may not be why I asked if you wanted it at that very moment.

Are you still on?


Yes I am , @Catface4


Would anyone else like to join this??






Are you still on?


I'll join if there are still spaces available.


Okay! Thank you! Do you want the password now or later?


ok sure.

20 char limit


No sorry I was doing something else


Seriously? The password was not potato, if someone was thinking. Lol XD


So are we still going to do stuff on this account?


Yes! Did I give you the pass?