I don't have an impersonator... Any more x)



guys, the impersonator's said sorry, so it's okay now. So no need to read this xD

But if you really must read it...

Yeah, it's true :stuck_out_tongue:
They're called PB_Chat kitteh sad (my chat account right now is called PandaBlossom)
And Panda♪Blossom. I changed my name to Panda.Blossom,for I wanted a change :stuck_out_tongue:
So, yeah, watch out...
I'll show screen shots:

This one is impersonating my chat account...

And this one is impersonating my normal account


That's... Bad. Maybe just report and make a clarity message on HS too? And link this as evidence?


Oh noes :0!

Try reminding people on your accounts that it's an imposter, but it they believe the imposter, then try emailing THT


Thanks @KVJ & @Ihasfluffycupcakes :smiley:
I'll try both of those things, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


No prob fren. Anytime.


Your very welcome.

I hope people don't believe the imposter!


Yup, so do I :stuck_out_tongue:
But there are a number of things that prove its not me, firstly, if never fogey my password, and yeah :laughing:


Yeah that's a great idea


Guys, the impersonator has said sorry, I forgave him/her, it's ok!
Leaders, Mods, can you close?


Good thing he forgave :smiley:

It's always gr8 when stuff like this end nicely


Thanks! :smiley: :smiley:


YEYEYEEAH! That's güd



Dis is totes Awsome


No, @Awsome is totes Awsome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Report to THT. This happened another time with choco-la-ta-ta-ta-ta~ getting impersonated.


Report it to the hopscotch team! Then, tell everyone on your account that it's not true.



I agree!


Do it do it do it