I don't get this. How do you feel about the new update?



Just curious. THT meant well, but all I want back is the layout....


Just be thankful Hopscotch is still here! I see your point though. The only reason that a lot of people hate the new update is, because its alot different to the other version. It will just take getting used to. If you have any questions check out my topic about the update!



It will just take a while to get used to c: they aren't changing the layout back, it's too much work/money to run 2 separate layouts.

Just keep practicing and coding things on the update, and maybe you will find that you like it! :D

Also please SBYP (search before you post) because there are many topics like this :D


I know that you don't like it, according to the #grr tag, but that can be a very offensive tag to the Hopscotch Team. :wink:


Sowwy XD! I'm starting to get used to it nao. Thnx guys!