I don't get pixel art



Hi @Bubblegummaster12345 I'm guessing you mean drawing pixel art on Hopscotch, right? The photo got me a little confused but that's okay, just make sure you're clear when you making posts on the forum :wink:. There's some really great advice on pixel art here!


Hi! Hmm, looks like you want to make that picture turn into pixel art? Maybe you should watch the video that The Hopscotch Team created about pixel art. Or you should start coding pixel art on easy items like hearts or a small puppy! As you make more pixel arts, you should be able to make bigger and better pixel arts!
Hopefully, you will one day create that image from pixel art!


Thanks t1 and berrymelon I will now try again


You can get an app called Pixelmator which is a great photo editing app and you can pixelate you picture...


Up to line 3... Getting closer!


It's coming up on my new ac bubblegum master new ac2


Published ! Done! Awesome!


Thanks for liking my pixel art t1! :smiley: