I don’t know where you click to get to the page to make a group



Please help me I don’t know where to go if you know help me and I may let you join my coding group!


You can’t make groups on the forum anymore, sorry


Basically the only groups that exist are the groups made a while back


ok wow I did not know that’s why I was like where do you make them


Unfortunately, only moderators can create groups, and the moderators here aren´t doing it anymore as @t1_hopscotch who organized this decided to quit as a moderator.


Your question has been answered, however you CAN still create a topic if you want to get some coders together and establish some kind of tag list. Of course, it won’t be official like the ones in groups, however you can still put together people who commonly read your topics or who would like to be a part of it and tag them every now and then, in replace of a group!