I Do Profile Pictures And Backgrounds!



Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I would be happy to draw profile pictures and backgrounds, and I can animate GIFS too. Just let me know what you want, and it'll be done. I can only do a few at a time!


I would like one! And what do you mean by animate GIFS? How am I supposed to get them?


Hmm, nevermind then. I don't think you could download one. What do you want?


Can you draw a wolf or a human?


Both! Any specifics?


The wolf has a neon purple tail and blue eyes, the human has dirty blonde hair, peach skin, blue eyes, and a shirt that says AW. That's my Hopscotch user.


Could I have one? Could I have a girl smiling wearing a taco and kitten hoodie, the girl has black hair. In the background can it be rainbows? Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Can I have one for my background? Can I have two people holding hands (as friends :wink:)


Okay, no more! I have been overcome! I'll do all of those right now.


Are you still going to do mine?


Yeah, I'll finish it soon.


You're a great artist even if you don't do my request!!


Sorry, I just had a lot to do today :sweat_smile:
I just got home after maybe five hours of errands!


Hey, guys. I know it's been a while! I'm doing a lot of collabs and recently ran out of lead, and I can't do much as I have no pencils, just pens. They will be done soon, hopefully! Sorry for the wait and any inconveniences!