I do not know what to do


I am extremely new to the forum. I know NOTHING about it. Help?


You're here! You're so awesome! I don't really have anything to say sorry but I know some people that could help
@Follow4LikesOfficial @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help or have questions just @ me by doing @SnowGirl_Studios :wink:


Welcome! You are a great Hopscotcher! You can type @AHappyCoder if you need my help :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! My top is to read the community guidelines, and use the search tool in the top right corner to get tutorials. If you need Any help, just @ me! :wink:


Welcome to the forum, @IShallNotBeNamed! :D

The Community Guidelines!

Here is a really helpful tutorial by @Follow4LikesOfficial and @discourse! :D

I could link you to 23+ more topics (and posts), but the best way to find what you need is tapping the magnifying glass near you profile picture! :D

Also, tap/click the three line near the magnifying glass, then tap/click FAQ, there is lots of helpful information there! :D

I hope you will have a super awesome time here! :D


Woooh! Welcome :D


Hai! And welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


Welcome to forum, if you need me, tag me @MYD
~Make Your Day


Welcome to the forum! I love your projects they are outstanding you can do collabs here and talk about sneak peaks of your projects and really anything related to hopscocth!


Omg welcome @IShallNotBeNamed! I'm a huge fan of your projects!

Welcome to the forum!!



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Although, really I can never get enough of your projects!
You really know how to use that leave a trail block!


Thanks! That's amazing, coming from you! Also, congrats on getting on featured! :D
I ran out of likes ;-;
Well, here's one! :heart::heart: