I do not have the beta email yet 😢



I signed up for beta testing yesterday but I have not received the download. When will that come?


When the next beta update comes. I know, it could be annoying to wait unless you're very patient


Their is recently one came out, tomorrow you should get it because the Hopscotch peeps aren't at the Hopscotch HeadQuarters!




I've heard they are gonna make things more safe so it's harder for people to hack, (sorry kinda off topic and sorry if I'm wrong)


I don't have it :cry::cry::cry:
Is it here?


How do you sign up? Plz tell me!


Email them.


Oh! Do they accept everyone?


Yes, I guess. They accepted me even though I am a nobody.


Rawrbear? Do you know? You are a beta tester, right?


What is their email (and sorry if I'm asking too much questions!)


It is on the app. Click help in the corner then click "Write Us!"


AHappyCoder? Do you test?


Yep! @MemorableChicken


@Liza @AHappyCoder When will the next release come out?


Once the current one has been fully tested!


Peeps? When will it come?
@t1_hopscotch @Liza @Ian @Phase_Studios @Valgo @DotCopple


:frowning: When will I get one? @AHappyCoder


You will get one now:
Beta app
I hope the link works! (I hand typed it)