I dislike the new update!


Why did they have to make you pay to do the photo thing! Hopscotch is supposed to be a free place without having to pay!


Who said hopscotch had to be free? You'll live without the update, THT needs to earn a living .
Test: Can I edit? Interesting.
Edit 2: sorry if I sounded rude


Well THT doesnt work for free, they need to get payed some how. But i do agree that it is a bit too expensive :slight_smile:



Hey. Woah.

There's still a free version that has everything from the old update. Basically, the new update is for those willing to pay for pictures. I don't think that will impact your coding at all. The Hopscotch Team needs to make money and subscriptions are the best way. You want to get all of the benefits without paying, which doesn't work. Hopscotch is still amazing! :smiley:

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