I Discovered a secret account!



I Discovered a secret account! it's @system!
it is the account who locks topics!
how it works is if someone clicks "close this topic"
it sends a message to @system in computer language and then it sends
a reply with the message: "this topic was closed due to a large number of community flags." with a lock image to make it look like it's not a post, then ACTUALLY locks it!


Well, I think that's sort of how it works.

If a moderator closes a post, it says "_____ closed this topic _____ ago"

If you see it closed by system, it's because it received a lot of flags by the community and when it reaches a certain amount it closes it automatically.


yeah, that is what i meant, but i was typing faster than i think.


@system isn't secret it's just a computer or a robot that locks topics
Sorry if I let you down


@system just closes topics if there is a large number of flags on it.


i'm pretty sure that @system is the robot that locks topics.


It Doesn't Just Do That, It Also Create's Banners.


I guess this is also system


No @discourse is that company's account find out more about @discourse
here, here and here
Hope this helps you
~Gabe nelson