I didn't wanna do this, I'm so sorry


I really didn't wanna log into an extra account but I'm literally crying my eyes out right now, @kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman
It hurts to know that I've been suspended until the day before my birthday. I'm sorry I can't control myself. I think I may as well quit the forum.
I'm so sorry I logged into here, I'll never get out of control here ever again.
I'll log out now and delete the forum from my homepage. Once again, I'm sorry.
-potter productions


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Are you friend ship?


Yes and I don't want any pity, I deserved it. I guess I'll see you one day!


No, you are so awesome!!!


No I have more than one account on the forum but I hate using them and I hate that I'm turning into the the old @codelife....


Yes, I am @friendship2468 but I hate doing this, it feels wrong!


I'll miss you! You were so unique, and made the forum feel special! You were one of the many awesome parts of this community. Well, bye I guess. I'll miss you. See you some day! :sob::cry::anguished: Are you leaving HS too?


Maybe I can mature in this Accoutn and abandon my friendship account, I know I'll never get regular... This is gonna be in my college application, they check everything you've ever done on the Internet, don't they? I'm to gonna get into a good college.


BTW, happy early Bday!! :tada::balloon:


I... I don't think so, it just doesn't feel right being somewhere where I'm constantly being flagged.


And no, it shouldn't matter on in college. Plus, everyone makes mistakes, especially as kids!


I don't think colleges will find this, since it's anonymous.

Well, bye then. See you around.


It's on the eighth and just so. You know I will be doing art requests on hopscotch..




Yeah but my day today is practically the worst ever.
Yesterday I twisted my ankle.
I have a burn on my right hand and it hurts when I bend down and write.
Sore throat.
Am I cursed?


I'm a bad person!! :rage::rage:


Happy Birthday, I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you! Tomorrow is a new day, also, u are not a bad person


No you arent cursed and I dont think youre a bad person! I Hope your birthday will be better than the previous days! :birthday:


It's ok, We all make mistakes! And that is so weird, almost all of that happened to me in a day too!
- I called a noon monitor, well you don't wanna know, and got half day suspension
- I burnt both my wrists
- Usally it my legs hurt and a regular basis D:
- My throat hurt a little, probably from crying and screaming!