I didn't subscribe, but I can remix


I can remix a photo in hopscotch, I didn't subscribe. How is this possible? Also if it's like something bonus, then when I want to add an image, it says go into settings. But it's not there.


I don't know, it is maybe a bug that they will fix soon. The subscription thing is still very new, so they might be some bugs.


What account are using?

Can you share a screenshot of what happens when you try to add an image?



Hi Liza! I can't wait to try the update today!

I have two questions about this update.

First of all, I'm curious if it's by accounts. If I was hacked and switched accounts, would I recover the premium version?

Also, if you are in a collab with somebody with the update, can you still work together on projects?

I'll probably be back tonight or this afternoon! Thanks Liza for this great update! :D


im on Explorer:herb:
i cant do a screenshot because it doesn't let me on the forum. i don't know why


Do you have safari/ HS on?


You are on a free subscription trial, which is why you can remix, but you should be able to add images. can you email the screenshot to us?



How is this good @ThePickle?


I think you should be able to remix.


If you remix projects with photos and your not a subscriber, your basically cheating the subscription.

You need to buy the subscription to code with photos and if Hopscotch users just remixed projects with photos it won't be fair to the people that paid to use them.


I think if you don't subscribe, you shouldn't be able to add new pictures, but you should be able to remix projects using pictures.


Your still using pictures though...


I wish projects could have comments.


That actually would be kind of cool! @Liza @Meg @Rodrigo @Montoya @alish


Pickle, I know you don't want to pay for pictures, but you really shouldn't encourage cheating the subscription. You should not be encouraging hiding bugs because they would allow you to avoid paying money, no matter what.


That's one reason for the ability to remix projects with pictures!


What do you think about this?


That is fine and I understand it completely. I actually wish you could remix projects using pictures as a non-subscriber so that I could collab (using photos) with people who aren't subscribers.

But you shouldn't be outright telling people to hide bugs so that you can cheat the subscription.


It's not cheating the subscription if you can't add new pictures.


Yes it is. You need to pay to add and remix photos.