"I didn't know being myself affected anyone else"


Take a moment to read that quote. Yep. Try twiddling your thumbs, it really does pass the time.
Many people on Hopscotch get bullied and insulted for being themselves.
Us LGBT are ourselves. You Christians are yourselves. You famous guys are yourselves.
Don't stop being yourself just because a weasley amount of people don't like you (see what I did there?)


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We have the freedom of speech in America, which means we can express our own opinions! Don't feel as if you're forced to support something!


But a third of the community isn't American.


Great point

Great topic

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A majority are British and Canadian. Some Japanese and Belgian.


But we still can express our own opinions


Great quote

Great moment

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Yeah! I should do that more....I go to post a comment sometimes, but then I think, wait, should I? What if something happens? But, no. I should post them and be my self!


Hooray for equality!


(I hesitated when I posted that comment(even though I shouldn't :smiley: ))


Great post!

We have the freedom of speech unless it is rude, hurting, or insulting someone.


And we aren't in that third. Nice topic!

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I'm proud of this topic.


Wait what.

WAHT DOES THIS MEAN?!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




At first, I was like, "whaaaa"

I had no clue what that meant, so I googled the phrase. It apparently means to revive an old topic. :smile:


Good, I thought it was a bad word


Only a third?


2/3 Americans (aka majority)
1/3 Non-Americans