I didn't even get to try


I was finishing my Halloween contest entry a few days before Halloween and I was going to lose internet soon because of a long drive I was going on. So I was trying to finish it really fast. But my iPad died and unfortunately, I couldn't get it charged fast enough. All my hard work that I did for hours since I knew about the HHC is a complete waste now :sob: I was really excited to even be in a contest... Aww... :disappointed:


My game is done now, if anyone wants to play it. It's called Halloween game. And my username is lollypopcorn just like it is here. It's a nice game, but I wish it got to be in the contest :disappointed:



Laif happens, ** beeep ** happens


Well u still get a reward ... I don't hav HS anymore so can't follow u but I'll spam like u here when u post!


Why don't you have hopscotch anymore?


Oh coz of bad updates and people keep making projects signing my name and saying to everyone from jess888 I hat.e and then they list peeps so I won't play coz otherwise I get asccused of stuff I know who's doing it but I'm not gonna accuse incase


Aww :disappointed: I'm sorry. You could report them if they are doing bad things like that.


I did HS do nothing or say they will but dont


Hopscotch always answer me though. Maybe they forgot.