I Crazy Code Coding Club!



Hello! This is the I Crazy Code Coding Club that inspires people to focus on coding and craziness at the same same time!
I am going to give challenges and I will nominate the best ones for featured!This is also inspired by @lollypopcorn's WaH club! Please join that as well!

(By the way lolly gave me permission)

Club Tag List



New to school
Up the stairs
On the hills
High on mountains


DECODECO-Rank- Up the stairs -badges-None

TACOCODE-Rank-Up the stairs-badges-none

DMF-Rank-Up the stairs-badges-none

EggsOnSaturn1-rank-Up the stairs -badges-none

NindroidGames-rank-Up the stairs -badges-none

ElegantAngelEmily-rank-new for school-badges-none


You get this badge when you win a challenge.

Challenge lalala-:globe_with_meridians:
This badge is earned when you complete a challenge.

Good font!-:pencil:
This badge is given when you make a project that has a really cool font!

Draw a saw!-:pencil2:
This badge is granted once you make a project with a cool draw feature

Featured Rocks!-:peace:
You get this badge when you get a featured doing a challenge of this club!

Here's a like!-:heart:
You get this badge when you get over ten likes on your project.

Badges Made Perfect!-:eight_spoked_asterisk:
You get this badge when you suggest a great badge for the club.


Do not fight
Do not create a flame war
Please respect everyone's hard work and projects.


ElegantAngelEmily joined!
A new challenge is out, please submit it!

Weekly Challenges

Make a project with many coulors and food.


Thankyou for reading! Please tell me if you want to join!


I want to join!


I added you! Sorry it took long. I had to see off somebody!


Ill join


Ok, it's fine!
At least I joined


Hello, fellow Crazy Coder!


So can i join?


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Yes! Anyone can join! By the way school is such a rush lol


School hasn't even started lol


I know lol mine is starting on 15th March.


It will start in 28 minutes for me, though..


So today is your first day of school?


YaY! Ok, bye bye
Science is starting and in 8th grade, teachers are mean about it so i dont wanna get in trouble


I'm so excited on fifteenth I'm going to grade five!


But today is Monday
So it kind of is?


Can I join? :slight_smile:


Yes! Yes you can join!


This is exactly like the working at a hopscotch club..


I wanted to make a coding club and i tried not to be a lot like the WaH club but... I also tried to make different things! Please don't say that because that offended me!