I challenge THF to an IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ


Ok, so I have made an Impossible quiz with @DunKinDooNuts on out collab acc if you win first there are unlimited prizes. Who would want that? There is a code at the end of the game, post here if you get it! Link is : https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xt790qoam


Ok wow this really is an impossible quiz! I can't get past the first question...


Ah It crashes each time I get it wrong..:grimacing:


Good luck have fun :laughing:


It is possible tho

you can see a faint Your code is:


Sorry, mass tags aren't allowed anymore D:


You're not supposed to use tag lists anymore.


Ok ;( but the damadge has already been done


When should I reveal the answer to the quiz

  • in a week
  • next month
  • never



Hey, @GrizTheBear, what does this mean?


it means you didn't win there is a secret way to win which is in the game


A secret code is hidden in the game somewhere that I don't think anyone will solve


Hint: Check the code


Ok, I am going to reveal it, at the start of the game an object that is gray in the bottom right flashes. If you tap it once the big loads it says what your code like for another one!