I can't stand it anymore!


NO!!!! I'M DONE WITH THIS FORUM!!!!!!! THERE'S SO MUCH DRAMA ON HERE!!!!!! I'm sorry. It just seems like everywhere I go I'm seeing someone talking about @BuildASnowman @Anonymous @Gilbert189 leaving! Like, I'm done. I'm leavin.g unless someone can convince me.


And here's the proof I'm seeing it everywhere.


Just because people leave, it doesn't mean drama. They left, its over. You are making it worse by freaking out. Leave if you want.




No. You. Are. Not. Going. To. Leave.


Please don't leave! You are amazing!


Off topic but You have 311 new topics!? I don't have any.


Light in the darkness...


:0 thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means SOOOOOO much to me!


Ok, maybe I should.


Please don't leave! You are the best!


This is my last post... bye.


Bye fren. ;-;






???? I'm confuzzled. Are you leaving or not? Please say no :slight_smile:


So in a recent topic on my account, my friend made a topic saying he was gonna get me banned, but now he's trying to make people think I'm leavin.g.


I read that topic. He is back?! Uh oh! At least there is no mods to get you suspended XD. But still, that's horrible


I did make this topic, but he made what he said was gonna be my last post.


This was his only post.