I can't see my likes, flags etc. on the forum


I dark blue thing and a few light blue things pop up above my name. I click on it and it doesn't work anymore. The dark blue thing is always there. HELP! Have they updated it?


I think if you click on your profile picture at the top right corner and then you'll be able to view all your notifications like hearts etc. They did update the forum and get rid of the :speech_balloon: button.

If you've viewed all your notifications but the dark blue/light blue circles are still there, maybe try closing the tab and exiting out of the forum and then re-open it again.


I have done that a lot and it has not helped.


Hmm okay it sounds like you've got a notification that you haven't viewed yet. To check all your notifications and see if there's something you missed, click on your profile picture. Then at the bottom of the little window that pops up, click on "View older notifications...."

Then scroll through all your notifications. If something is highlighted in teal, it means you haven't viewed it yet. Make sure you've viewed all the notifications highlighted in teal, otherwise, it will still notify you that you haven't read them through that circle icon. Let me know how it goes.


They must of updates it, I can see it now.


What does flagging it even do and what is it ?


@Cool if something does not meet the guidelines you flag it, it's a way of reminding people to follow the guidelines!


Some people just do it for fun though. I have had a lot of that because a lot of people agree with my post.


Oh ok AHappyCoder
Sorry it has to 20 characters long


When it has to be 20 characters just put in brackets... (MUSTBE20CHARACTERS)


Oh ok nice tip?
~ cool


It is bad if someone flags something for fun, though I've never seen it happening on the forum. But if someone does do that, the flag doesn't get approved by forum staff and it's cancelled (unless it is actually against the Guidelines)