I can't see birthday's?


Hi. Oh glob I haven't made a topic in a while. Anyway, everytime I try to get on to birthdays (coz I've never been on it before) it's just comes up with ths:


Happened to me too


Happens to me too....


Try rebooting your web browser and clearing your cache. If that doesn't work then I think it's really a server issue.


Sorry but that word isn't allowed here


System cursed mine guys...

Idk what your error is...

Yeah I got that


oh it was ok yesterday but it is happening for me too


It's been doing that to me, too.

I think somebody is aware of the issue and is currently trying to fix it. I hope it's fixed soon! :D


Cool! Thx guys!!! :wink: @WasIdealessHere I did try rebooting btw. It's all cool tho! :wink:


Somebody changed their birthday to February 31st. On the discourse meta forums this has been fixed so I expect on the HS forums they will be fixed soon too


What word was it?
Put it in a hidden message if you want.


Don't wanna say it was just the c word.


What's the link? Can I see?


Press the 3 lines up the top next to your profile pic, and press birthdays.