I can't post anything


I got some sort of notification saying that I used up all of my replies for today. I'm a little confused- can anyone help me understand this a little bit better?


You are a new user to the forums and they don't trust you yet. When you earn member (by the end of this week), you will get more replies, likes, and flags. Don't worry- this happens to almost every new user!


When your new you have a certain amount of replies
Darn it Pt beat me to it


Welcome to the forum!!


It happened to me too! Well the next 2 days I cou,d post as much things as I wanted and I just became a member today:+1:


At member you get

(cough cough infinite)


@hansonnoah, you can always edit a post by pressing the pencil icon and then tag the person you want to talk to.

Surprisingly, I didn't run out of replies on my first day O_o even though i posted a LOT


Hey! @hansonnoah! Maybe You Can Get The "Nice Post" Badge!


I'm gonna like it on my other account lol


I'm able to post again! Thank you for the help!