I can't open hopscotch



@Liza or like anyone can you help me?
I can't open hopscotch from like yesterday
and it's really annoying.
so if anyone knows why pleas tell me


Right now is it updating?


Do you remeber your user and pas? If so delete hopsctch and reinstall it and log in!


and I haven't updated it in a long time


i do remember them
I can't delete it or reinstall it because it is a school iPad


anyways thanks for trying to help me


This is probably the reason! Go to the App Store, then click Updates!

You may see that Hopscotch needs to be updated, so click "Update"! :wink:


But I can't do it
This is a school iPad which means we can't do anything with the App Store
Only adults can


Then ask an adult! :wink:


I meant only a teacher can do it and teachers don't really care about hopscotch


I'm sure they'll update it for you! :wink:


It's kinda embarrassing asking them that:sweat_smile:
Plus we don't even use that app anymore


It's not embarrassing at all! If I had to do it, I'd just do it!

If you don't do it, then I guess say goodbye to your Hopscotch account!


Well I hope @Liza can help
If not we'll then I'll ask


I can't open Hopscotch either. I have tried updating the app but it didn't work


Delete it and redownload it. That works for me. Just make sure you know your password


@Rawrbear? Can you help me?


What happens when you try to open it?


Screenshots? Because we don't know if it's real if you don't give us a screenshot.


It crashes and send's me out (i've tried thirty times now)