I cant make custom blocks on hopscotch on my ipad

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: 894 Studios

What kind of device are you using?: (Also include iOS version, and Hopscotch version)
iPad Air 5th Gen iOS 15.6 latest hs version whatever that is
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was trying to make a custom block but the app crashed after doing so!!

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Make a custom block!
  2. See if the app crashes!

I expected this to happen: To make a block so I could use it over and over!!

But instead this happened: HOPSCOTCH CRASHED!!!

Here’s a sweet screenshot/video:
I don’t have a screenshot because how can I if it’s a crash?? I don’t want to show my iPad Home Screen!! And I think there’s a rule not to as well!!

I am really annoyed I got so annoyed that I went out of the draft and deleted it!! Why can I NEVER code with my iPad Air 5th Gen???
I guess it wasn’t made for hopscotch :disappointed:
My previous iPad was an original Air and that was fine maybe I just got the bad one…
@894ers I need you guys nowwwwwww

Sorry if it seems like I’m really really mad I’m not really I’m just slightly annoyed and confused!


I need to warn all of you to not code on an iPad Air 5th Generation! A 4th is ok for some reason.


Does this happen every time you try to create a custom block?


Not every time it was only in that draft


I use an iPad 5th gen- this doesn’t happen to me.
(this would be in the editor bugs catergory, btw).


You’re talking about a different model I mean the Air 5th generation it’s one of those fancy ones witthout a home button.
Omg I love talking about iPads and Apple lol

Oh hello hrh remember me from the app lol


oh yea i missed that part sorry-
and yes i do remember lol
i was just on your profile

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Hopscotch has been crashing a lot lately because of the new update, so I don’t think this is an issue with your device, just an issue with hopscotch.

I can change the category (if that’s okay with you) :))


I’ve already changed it???


It still shows the “bugs with hopscotch” category for me for some reason.


Because I did bugs with hopscotch editor bugs like hrh said @Dolphin_Blast can you just change it please :weary:

  1. sbyp: Creating a custom Rule Causing Crashes in larger projects
  2. read most abt subcategories here: Best Practices for Subcategories and Tags

But my project wasn’t a larger one! It was a tiny draft!!


Ugh whenever I do a bug report everything always goes wrong :expressionless:


i’m sorry to hear that - ideally the more information tht gets the more it’ll be easier for them to isolate and fix the bug which you’re experimenting. however, if all information about how to reproduce this bug is in, for example, 4 different topics, the chances are that they will not see half of the bug reports and they will then not receive the necessary information to fix that bug. in order to keep everything organized, keeping every similar bug reports in one single topic is the best way to help tht to fix faster the bug you’re having :)

the primary element of you both’s bug reports are not “big project”, it’s “custom rule causes crash”. what ElijahPw said abt “large projects” is not necessary true because the bug hasn’t been officially reproduced yet, and in my own experience it’s a very random crash that occurs in unknown but specific situations. therefore, in order to help tht fixing the bug more easily and more faster, it’ll be better if we merge ;)

lmk if anything else isn’t clear!


What do you mean lmk?
Also it happened 5 times!


it stands for let me know


Ok thanks @Dragongirl1264! You’re so helpful!


Your welcome and thank you :))


Looks like this has already been reported in the #hopscotch-bugs:editor category – unless you have additional details, it’s probably best to merge this topic with the one linked below:

Next time, try searching before you create your bug report, and when you’re ready, I highly recommend choosing your own subcategory

A quick tip, you can also specify that on the existing topic by stating that “Even though the title says it’s with large drafts, I was able to make it crash on smaller projects too”