I can't like! I really can't like! Help please!


Ok, so the title sounds a little weird, but here's what happened:
I was looking on the feature tab, liking people's projects, and it wouldn't let me like! Here's a pic:

Do you see Book geeks project? Well I was trying to like it but it wouldn't and it was making this weird noise!
(it sounded like a farting noise)
I think ur allowed to say that^^
Anyways, ## PLEASE HELP!


I think it's because you ran out of likes
(Yeah, there's a limit on likes for HS too)


I think his has happened to me before! Try restarting hopscotch! If that doesn't work, turn your device Ina and off, or redo enlist hopscotch. Hope this helps! :smiley: I'm pretty sure it's a glitch, I don't think you can run out of likes on hopscotch!


But it let me like wdatr's project, after I tried book geeks


I'll try :))))))))))))


Someone said there was though :p


Oh, idk.


There might be, but I definitely didn't reach it. I only liked 4 projects


I think there is a max of likes however it is a lot so @KoolM123 maybe u liked it like this morning or u have time differences!
It is really rare that u run out of likes unless you like a ton of projects




Well yeah, I guess, I will try and use ur advice, @bluedogmc-official, it might just work.


That happens to me too! Just wait a few seconds, and like. You have to wait, and then the like will pop up.
If that doesn't work, refresh Hopscotch. You can do this by double-tapping the home button and then swiping the apps up. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Oh, thx guys, it's working now. Idk what caused it, but it's working


It's usually because Hopscotch is lagging/your wifi is slow.


I think i know what this means. So, here is what happened!

You went to the Hop's profile, and liked that project. Then you exited, and found the same project, and saw you did not like it, but that was because Hopscotch had not processed the like all over. So, when you liked it, it made that noise.

It happens to me too!


Ha ha! I just liked a ton of peoples projects and made happen to me too!


There is no limit for likes on hopscotch. This happens to me all the time. I press on someone's profile and like a project and go into following and like it again and it makes that noise


I thought I saw someone say there was


I don't think there's a max on likes. But this problem happens to me all the time! What I do is scroll until the project is not in view, then like it. Usually works for me!


That happens sometimes, it might just be a little bug. :slight_smile: