I Can't.......I Just Can't


I Can't.

The new hopscotch update was awesome, I know. But I always loved to be in landscape mode. I always love the nice, slim, old format.
I can't code like this.
You've taken the soul away from hopscotch.


I can't code like this.


I had so many good projects in process. But I can't anymore.


Don't you already have a topic about this..? XD

A question: Have you tried coding something with it yet? Have you finished a project? :0

I love the new update. :3


This one is to say I'm not coding on hopscotch anymore. The other one is actually giving critism for it.


I guess the cool projects won't be completed soon.


I don´t have the new update, but I think it will be great if Hopscotch also supports landscape mode in the new update. But, the editor we have now is the iPhone editor with means it´s made to fit smaller screens that´s not in landscape mode. Maybe you can email THT about it?


Ahhh... Okay. :0
You should probably be more specific in your criticism. :3

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pls


I looked at the format and just left the app.

The app's soul is gone.
I was in love with the old format.

I want it back, along with landscape mode.


That wasn't my question. xD



I wouldn't say the app's soul is gone. XD

Well, you never know until you try, you judged the new editor very quickly (based on what you said). I suggest to give it a try! :D
Make a project. Code something. :0

It's like eating a new food, you don't know if it's good or not until you try it yourself. :0


It's not that I don't like the functions of the format. The old format was so colorful, simple, and slim. That was one of my favorite parts. Now it's gone, designed for compact NON LANDSCAPE IPhones.

I was in love with the old format.


This is Hopscotch whether we like the update or not. It's something to get used to, because it's not going to change. Quitting is a childish, immature thing to do. There are plenty of good stuff in the update, and people are focusing on the bad stuff, half of which is not necessarily bad. The update will take some getting used to, but isn't that the case in any other update. DO NOT QUIT. The Hopscotch Team worked really hard on this for you, and this is how you treat them? I'm sorry if I sound rude. (There are too many update topics, btw!)


I'm posting this whenever i see a anti-update HSer


It didn't take them long. They COPIED the IPhone format.

Even if it did, that doesn't mean it's good, does it?
I wouldn't care if it took them 5 MILLION YEARS to make this format! It's still the format that I don't like or want anything to do with!


No... It took them a long time to make this update, along with a lot of hard work. They didn't copy the phone update. :3


They still had to make it into a iPad version, and add features, but that's not my entire point. This is the way it is. Except it. And quitting is unnecessary and and childish. Stop refusing this and try it out, like @SmilingSnowflakes said. I hope you decide to except this change.


.....says the one who writes "Except" instead of "Accept".

I don't care if I'm childish.
I don't care what you say.
Also, when was the last time you heard that THT DOESN'T listen to what the community has to say about the update?


You are being rude now. This conversation is over.


I see some flamey comments, let's be sure to express our opinions in a kind way! :D


Once again, I think this is good advice. You'll never know for sure unless you try.


I have to code a RPG for the rest of the summer.