I can't go on anything!



For some reason....... I can't go on my on projects and other poeples projects, and I have perfect wi-fi!!!!!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:


I can't either! I waited a few minutes, and it didn't work!


I have the same problem! The hopscotch servers seem to be down :frowning:


I can't go on either!


oh no! :sob:, @Liza, why are the Hopscotch servers down?


they keep going on and off and on and off

Servers are down!

The same thing is happening to me. I wonder what's going on.


I think they are making changes


Me too maybe like a change that's not a update


The server has been down for alomst an hour!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MAD!


Ah! The server WAS down :-\

It was a double whammy of bad luck cause the server went down on an American holiday when Team Hopscotch wasn't in the office! Womp womp.

We got the servers back up and running and are soooo sorry for the hassle. I know it's a huge bummer when something doesn't work like it should :frowning:

Thanks for being patient and for letting us know about the problems. You guys are the bomb.com.


@Liza, thank you for calling us the bomb, but why did you say bomb.com?


It's like a saying @Phase_Studios.


Lol the bomb.com.....


bomb.com :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Such a strange website... Why would someone make that...


10th liker! Bomb.com?