I Can't Get The Update, What Now?



Whats there email agian?


hoi @BlueStarGirl

if u can't get the update, then try re-installing the app. BTW the new update is bad to me cause the screen for me is always vertical! its hard to code in that way.


I tried, and its not showing up..... on my school app store.


u don't have the update either?


Yes, I go to the same school as her.


so u do have the update? is it vertical for u? wait i have to make a topic about my prob


I have the beta...

But I dont have the app. Or the update

Im hopscotchless


no ur not, don't say that


im not making fun of my self xD

Im saying I dont have the app.


Do you have iOS 7 or iOS 6? You need at least iOS 8 to update!


I Have A School IPad With A School App Store '-'


Ok! Ask your teachers or wait for the update to come out!


Me With The Update


I am using a school IPad right now. I am also "caught in the past" of HS.


Well maybe not eating....


ITS SUMMER @William04GamerA, I Can't Just Walk Over To My Teachers House! Or My School!


Do you think the ipad support thing still works?


Nope, Maybe I Should Just Delete Hopscotch '-'


And Never Get It Back '-'


Well at least you have the app, I think you can use it, for a while...

Do you have another ipad you can borrow?