I Can't Get The Update, What Now?



I Can't Get The New Hopscotch Update And I Don't Know What To Do, Can Anyone Help Me? Should I Just Leave Hopscotch? PLEASE HELP @Liza '-'


It's okay if you can't get it, I'm still on it and everything is working fine except viewing projects that were made with the new version


But I Can't Play People's Projects If They Have The Update!


Okay, why can't you get the update then?


I Have A School IPad, And A School App Store '-'


Oohkay, I see. So the update hasn't been released on the school app store then? You'll probably just have to wait.


If I Had The Update I Would Be Like This


But Right Now I'm Just Like


@BlueStarGirl you are lucky of not having the new update for me it was confusing but I pretended I was making a YouTube video of how to make the project I was making and I learned how to work everything

Did I seriously just typed a paragraph.


Ask your school to download it.


It's Summer @AmiiboTrash, They Aren't Going To Update Hopscotch


Do you still have the app?
Unlike me.


Hopscotch Or The School App Store?


Hopscotch (On the school app store)


I Just Got On Hopscotch And I Just Found A Bully
@Liza Please Help, S.O.S Art, She Is Being Threated To Be Reported '~'
This May Be Off Topic But This Is A Big Deal


Im on my pc

So I dont know if SOS art is threting you... is heshe?
Time to star at portal two know, and buy it soon


What is s.o.s art anyway?


I cant do anything, besides email THT,

But you can report SOS art hater!
Should I email tht about it?


I Can't Report sos art hater! I Don't Have The Update!



Should I email the hopscotch team?