I can't get a profile picture!😢😢


Have trouble getting your profile picture? I am!


Can you describe your problems?


Hey @Palepinkpuppy1! To get your profile picture, tap on the profile picture you have right now, tap the gear, and look for Profile Picture, and tap the pencil!


Do what LavenderLovinNerd said if you have any other problems tell me!


Tap the profile picture in the top right corner! :D

^ Prefereces looks like this. ^

Then, once your in your profile, tap Prefereces! :D

^ Pencil looks like this. ^

Once your in preferences, scroll down a little, then you should see a circle (your current profile picture), and then tap the pencil next to it!

Then tap upload picture! :D
Choose your profile picture, then you have a profile picture! :D

Welcome to the forum, @Palepinkpuppy1! :D


So what it's saying is that there were an error so try again I tried 5 times!


Try resetting the browser! :D


Thank you I got it now;) oh can you also I have a request can you do a cute panda? Thanks:)