I can't find these characters



On hopscotch, I see projects with zombie bears and stuff that's all halloweenish. But I don't have those, and when I check see code all I see is normal hopscotch characters. Can somebody please tell me how to get these? Do you have to pay for them or something?


They were for the special Halloween event in 2014 you can't get them anymore!


You have to pay for some, and others only are around for Halloween.


He was talking about the Halloween ones not the payed ones!:wink:


Ohhhh. Well he should listen to you instead!


No! He might of been wondering about both though!


Oh but how can I still see them in projects if they were for a limited time?


People remix projects from old projects that had those charecters!


No one uses the hopscotch paid characters much.


I respect your profile pic


Thank you orange scent. By the way I love your art!