I can't do this anymore



I'm sorry guiz. I just... Can't code anymore... I'm getting addicted.... Sometimes, I grab my iPad or laptop and when I think my parents (and our family cat, he likes to sleep in my bed) are asleep, I get my iPad from under my pillow and do hopscotch. It's messing me up. I love hopscotch, but I can't go on much longer like this. I will always love hopscotch and remember all the kind people on hopscotch, but I am afraid I may have to say my goodbyes. Let me just say my final words:

Final Words

I love hopscotch. And all of its great users. But if you saw me in real life, I just... Never mind. I can't code like any of you. I can't code, I can't code.... And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the bad things I have caused..... I don't want to do any more destruction. I love hopscotch. And it's kind, funny users. Goodbye.


Same. Maybe I should depart.


I'm crying now...

Len save me!


Same is happening to me!
I am also quitting, here for the rest of the day and tomorrow


Hey guys I actually decided not to quit lol!! But I won't be on the forum as much as I used to. Only when I have big questions that need answers. Thanks guys!


Yay! And that's a good Idee!!