I can't change my username

Why can't I change my Forum username? I changed my Hopscotch username to Healeybot #1, but I can't change my Forum username! Please help me on this!


Changing your username on the forum has been turned off by THT, as the servers would be overloaded if username changing was on. People post so often; if someone changed their username and had 5,000+ posts, the forum would freeze because of it needing to change the names on all of their posts. Sorry about that!


Well, I need to change it, since my old one in the app was ridiculous.

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Make a new account on the forums, then :smiley:


Get them to delete this one, because I can't use the same email twice.

Create a new email just for the forum! That's what most of us do!

I'll just set this account to my school one, and my OTHER account to MINE.

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If you want to talk to THT, email help@gethopscotch.com.

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Here's a link to my NEW account: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/users/Healeybot1/summary

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I created a second email and am using that for my old account. I switched my regular one to this account.