I cant believe this!


So guys, I'm just going to say thanks first before making this.. Well announcement.

@Dude73, you were my supporter and helped me think of the positives are superior to the negatives. Thank you.

@Rawrbear, my first role model. You are so innovative with the way you code, it shows people how discovering code isn't always the answer.

@CreativeCoder, your a hopscotcher I always looked up too, you never had much of conversation with me. But you are a hopscotcher who should be looked up too and is.

@SmilingSnowflakes, your the one who helped me start with art ;D. This gave me the hope of hopscotch bringing me along to experience the wonder of the art community in Hopscotch.

@MagmaPOP, you probobly won't see this but I appreciate your discoveries in hopscotch. You sparked thousands of eyes towards you. That includes me.

To make it a long story short.


Yeah, yeah I know some other people also got featured and they should be proud of getting this achievement and they probobly didn't have to make this huge announcement.

But I've waited maybe a year and a half to get this one thing. (Other times I didn't even care)

Thank you @THT

And @everyone

You supported me and gave me this opportunity to keep coding.
And to my thanks to you, keep coding yourself


CONGRATS your featured looks down at mine I'm right below you on it :D(i hope I am saying this right)


Congrats! :tada: in so happy for you! Is this your first feature?


Thanks! Your project is awesome too! It deserves the spot on top.




No yours is amazing I've never really seen an animation b4 on hopscotch


Congratulations, your animation was really cool!
It definitely deserves a feature! :D


Thanks! ;D


Congratulations! Thanks for looking up to me :)




Even me. :D


Your welcome! Your a one of the few top tier hopscotchers I've known


Congrats! At first I thought you were leaving :P
Your project is really kewl, but it's glitching out a little on mine!




How did you do that?
Test: @randomnamethatshouldntexist
Ok, so it only makes it look like that for actual accounts.



Congratulation! I got my first feature a few weeks ago and I know how you feel.


Congratulations! Your project is awesome, it deserves it!



That project was kewl!

You deserve it!