I can't believe I did this I didn't no we had to be on topic XD


Like this one that I made on makeamemeapp


This is not HS related... Try posting on this topic:

Remeber to make them HS related!


@moderators @PopTart0219 @Follow4LikesOfficial


Want me to close it? Merge? Move?


Merge or close would work if you merge I would merge into snoopy's topic but then the posts would be off topic so it would be best to just close this and I'm about to make a topic about one of your projects you'll see


@xXBARNSLEYFCXx, the forums are for Hopscotch related things only! Also, if there's already a topic for it, post it there instead of making a new topic! SIn other words, search before you post! Go here to post a Hopscotch meme! :wink:


Please keep topic related to Hopscotch, I am sure there isa meme forum that you could post on


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